GM Care Record: how we’re supporting the system to access patient information

The GMSS IT team has been working closely with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Health Innovation Manchester on expanding and monitoring data feeds into the GM Integrated Digital Care Records system (GM Care Record), to improve access to patient information across care settings in response to the COVID-19 situation. This system, also referred to as Graphnet, is hosted and supported by GMSS in the GMSS Data Centre.

The GM Care Record supports clinical decision making by providing access to important patient information on existing conditions, medications, test results, care plans and social care support from across Greater Manchester into one place. The expanded system builds on the existing local integrated digital care records that are in place already and means we can support the sharing of patient information across all localities and organisational boundaries.

Health and care professionals across Greater Manchester will now be able to access patient information held within GP, hospital, mental health and social care records at the point of care via the GM Care Record.

Many of the GP data feeds are now already live and further data feeds from NHS Trusts and care providers are also being added in phases, with many already active. The GMSS IDCR team, within the IT Service, monitors the feeds to ensure updated data keeps flowing and therefore the integrity of records is maintained. They also manage any user access requests and support issues relating to the GM Care Record.