Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution

A "new era for Greater Manchester" started on 1 April 2016, as the region became the first in the country to take control of its combined health and social care budgets - a sum of more than £6 billion.

Devolution in Greater Manchester is giving us the power to take charge of health, wealth and wellbeing in our communities. Together, we can make a difference. To find out more click here.

With a population of 2.8 million and a total spend of more than £6 billion per year on health and social care, Greater Manchester is considering how it must adapt and improve.

The needs of people in the region are changing. As life expectancy increases, so do the ailments of old age and there are now more people with chronic conditions like heart failure and arthritis. This is combined with financial pressure to change the way services are delivered and the way people use them.

After taking into account the resources that are likely to be available and the pressures that the health and social care system will face over the next five years it is estimated that there will be a financial deficit of £2 billion by 2020/21.

Greater Manchester Transformation Theme 4: Corporate Functions Review Programme

Planning for the future

The combination of changing needs and financial constraints is why the NHS and local councils have come together to develop a proposal for health and care in the region. All 36 organisations will be working together to cover all aspects of care and support and all parts of the region to help people to start well, live well and age well.

The Greater Manchester health and social care strategic plan (Taking Charge of Our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester) identified 5 key areas for change. One of these key areas for change, Theme 4: Standardising clinical support and back office services, looks at the opportunity to generate significant efficiencies through organisational collaboration. A shared service or services would not only deliver consistency in corporate functions across the region, but significant financial savings.

Reviewing corporate (back office) functions

All public-sector organisations in Greater Manchester have common corporate (back office) functions including: finance; technology; business intelligence; human resources; procurement; transformation and property services. With shared services repeatedly demonstrating value there is an opportunity to generate significant efficiencies through working together in these areas.

Greater Manchester is currently looking at where working across organisational boundaries, in finance and HR for example, can help the NHS and Local Authorities deliver better, more efficient services.

As Greater Manchester moves towards a partnership between health and social care, these corporate functions will be instrumental in joining up systems and services to deliver the best possible care and support for our local communities.

Greater Manchester Shared Services involvement

Greater Manchester Shared Services is involved in shaping the future of corporate functions across the region. We are part of the Corporate Functions Review Programme.