About us

Welcome to NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS).
We provide corporate and IT services and support to a range of health and care organisations. Working as a partner in the health and care system, our customers include Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs and NHS Foundation Trusts, as well as a number of non-NHS organisations and other professional bodies.

With over nine years’ experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for supporting our customers with flexible and cost-effective solutions that provide the best possible services for their patients and populations.

We are based in Greater Manchester, hosted by the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation, employ around 320 staff and have an annual turnover of £19 million. 

Our story
The organisation was originally established in 2013 as NHS Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit and later as part of NHS North West Commissioning Support Unit. It became NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services in April 2016 and was managed under a hosting arrangement by NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on behalf of the then 12 CCGs across Greater Manchester.

On 1 April 2020, GMSS became part of a new Corporate Services Delivery Vehicle (CSDV). The CSDV was formed to deliver high-quality, professional and resilient corporate services to the health and care system. With the move to the CSDV, GMSS will become a more commercially focused organisation with increased opportunities to deliver support services on a greater scale.

Our team of dedicated professionals have a broad range of NHS, commercial and technical skills and experience and work with our customers to provide quality services in the most cost effective way. 

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